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Net Insight takes a front position in the future of streaming media

At the forefront of technology with smart innovations like True Live OTT

With smart innovations like Live OTT, a way to watch synchronized live videos over the internet, Net Insight is developing cutting edge technology. Today the department that develops the technology grows every day and attracts more employees than ever.

Over the last year and a half Net Insight has been developing the technology for Live OTT. The goal has been to provide viewers with the same live video experience on their Android or iOS devices as they have on their TV. Harmonizing the first and second screen also opens the door for new types of TV companion applications.

Two talented coworkers that get to take part of this exciting journey is Filippa Hasselström, Product Marketing & Strategic Alliances, and Jonatan Pettersson, Backend Developer. We had a chat with both of them where they told us more about this exciting area and the possibilities with Live OTT.

A brand new technology

Jonatan Pettersson, Backend Developer at Net Insight

When Filippa met with Net Insight and they presented their Live OTT solution she was immediately interested. They were solving a problem that no one else had done but everyone was talking about. A company in Sweden was solving a problem that people in Silicon Valley hadn’t.

– The solutions that exist today are customized for video on demand whilst our solution is customized for live video, says Filippa.

Jonatan moved from the US for his job at Net Insight. To him it was first and foremost the cutting edge technology that interested him, but also the fact that Net Insight was a well established company that could offer a small team start-up environment.

– Live OTT is a new technology that hasn’t existed before. Today when people watch live TV over the internet it’s not exactly live, there’s always a delay and buffering. With Live OTT we can make it possible for everyone to watch in real time and also add social features, says Jonatan.

An exciting time ahead

Filippa Hasselström, Product Marketing & Strategic Alliances at Net Insight

Jonatan explains that at first his main focus was to help develop the technology for a Live OTT prototype. Having achieved that, it’s now time for Jonatan and the Backend team to improve the infrastructure that allows the product to run at scale.

For Filippa, who’s responsible for product, marketing and also partnerships, this means an increased focus in supporting the sales team, additional work with technical partnerships to support integration with third party platforms, as well as an uptake in marketing activities.

– The plan is to roll out the technology for large-scale global availability, Jonatan explains, while continuing to optimize and improve the overall product.

Plans for new features

Filippa explains that they’re always working on adding new features but a big part of our job also lies in illustrating to customers what they can do with this new technology. For example, the enhanced second screen experience. If you’re watching golf and the TV only broadcasts the competitors in the lead, you can provide live camera feeds for every single golfer (all synchronized with the linear broadcast) and allow the viewer to choose who they want to watch on their secondary screen.

– With the enhanced second screen experience the viewer can customize the video experience and in a sense be their own producer. With this feature we can make sporting events more engaging and also attract a younger generation. Build a completely new experience for live events. I believe this is the future and I truly love being a part of the change. There’s also a ”start-up” feeling in the Live OTT department even though Net Insight is a big company, says Filippa.